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We're Going WHERE ??

The 2023 Drive 4x4 The Doc will take place between

Tuesday evening 21st and Saturday evening 25th November

 Please bear in mind that the proposed route is subject to weather and other outside influences and may be changed at any time at the discretion of the event organiser.

The Drive 4x4 The Doc has four founding principles:

  • Have fun

  • Travel to places we might not normally go to, on roads less travelled

  • Have a positive social & financial impact on the towns and regions we visit, and

  • Raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service

N.B. - Accommodation for the week – this year we have block-booked accommodation each night in motels that we believe offer the optimum comfort levels for our group, and are close to our evening meal locations.  The cost of the accommodation is charged to you with your entry form, however you are free to book your own accommodation if you wish.


The 2024 Drive 4x4 The Doc route is:

  • Tuesday 12th November - meet & greet dinner & drinks at the East Hotel, Kingston ACT

  • Wednesday 13th November East Hotel Kingston ACT

  • Thursday 14th November Wagga

  • Friday & Saturday 15 & 16 November Hara House, Bright Victoria

The driving:

Whilst you will need a 4WD this week (or a larger AWD), the Drive 4x4 The Doc is not the sort of event where you will find yourself employing many 4WD techniques.  There will be no crossing of swollen rivers or rappelling yourself down muddy slopes, and we suggest that participants on the Drive 4x4 The Doc leave the winch and snatch strap at home and pack some comfy deck chairs and the drinks cooler instead.  If you are after a hard core 4WD event, then the Drive 4x4 The Doc is not for you.  If, on the other hand, you enjoy scenic driving and a natter over the bonnet of the car at a roadside morning tea stop, then you will fit right in.

Our charter for the weekend has been to find attractions that are off the beaten track, using the roads less travelled that also provide sensational sightseeing, plus fine dining and comfortable accommodation options each evening, at a reasonable budget level.  We think we have achieved our aim, and hopefully you will agree.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service:


Medical services needed by people living in rural and remote areas of Australia are no different to services required in our large cities, but the vast distances that small rural populations have to overcome to access health services, provide a real challenge. The Royal Flying Doctor Service works to assist country Australians in many ways.

With a waiting room of 7.69 million square kilometres, the RFDS provides 24-hour aeromedical emergency services that can reach anywhere, no matter how remote, within hours. Combined with telehealth consultations, fly-in fly-out GP and Nurse clinics, mobile dental services, patient transfers, mental health clinics and a myriad of other health services, the RFDS is constantly working to see that those living in rural and remote areas can enjoy the same health outcomes as those living in city areas.

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