How Do I Enter? - (And Tell Me What It Costs)
How Many  More Sleeps to
the Drive 4x4 The Doc?


We are still waiting for some costings to be received, and then we will be able to create the entry forms - if you want to make sure you are on our mail list and receive an entry form when they are released click HERE   


(Due to COVID-19 forced date change, it will take a few weeks to get the Entry Form up.....  If you are interested in entering drop me an email at )


There are three separate payments to participate in the event.


Donation – a minimum of $1,000 per person.  This payment is to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

            The donation is not subject to GST.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Both the Entry Fee & Disbursements Fee are payable to Outback Car Trek Pty Limited.

Entry Fee - $200 per person. 

The entry fee includes GST.  The fee is calculated on a cost recovery basis and is designed to cover the costs of setting up and administering the event.

Disbursements Fee - $tba per person. 

The disbursements fee includes GST and is also calculated on a cost recovery basis.  This fee pays for most of the meals on the event, your public liability insurance, any tours and national parks fees where required, and much more.

All participants, including passengers, must be eligible to hold a full (i.e. non-provisional) driver's licence recognised in Australia.  This event is not suitable for minors.



You will be required to pay your own out-of-pocket expenses, such as fuel, personal items, souvenirs, drinks with most meals, etc.